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Go-Getters and Glamorous People Wear Green

March 22, 2017

“Wearing this outfit makes me feel undeniably powerful and glamorous.”

It is the beginning of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day had just passed. This season especially reminds me of new beginning, growth, and simply going forward. I feel that the color green best represents the mood!

So many thoughts come to my mind when I think of the color green. Abundance, hot climate, the jungle, the Amazon, the dollar bills, just to name a few…

Most strikingly, green is the only color of the traffic lights that we all love, because it means “GO!”. Besides, we often see green checkmarks when something is validated, confirmed—something that signals our mind to interpret messages like “successful transactions”, or “we are correct!” Just the phrases that go-getters adore.

To sum up, green radiates approval, growth, and success. I am channeling these vibes through my look today.

I’m wearing a criss-cross, off-shoulder top in emerald green and a set of matching jewelry. Wearing this outfit makes me feel undeniably powerful and glamorous. I feel that I exude a sense of achievement. I feel so empowered and equipped with that go-getter spirit, like I’ve just accomplished something and I deserve to be proud.

I attribute this feeling to the powerful and royale emerald green color.

Since the top is quite simple, I wear a lot of accessories with it. The golden accents from the jewelry establish a warm tone for the entire look. I acquired these pieces at different times and countries. Firstly, the jewel on the ring was bestowed on me from our respectable Buddhist monk in Thailand. (Yes, only the jewel, and I later decided to make it into a ring.) I regard it as a precious reminder of my faith in Buddhist teachings and I feel protection against evil (haha, but seriously!). It also serves as a symbol of hope, as I feel more assured that auspicious happenings are coming my way. I do feel special and purposeful when I put on this ring.

My boyfriend bought me these cute bracelets when we went to the beach near Marseille a couple of years ago. The earrings with jade studs are from Shanghai Tang.

I wish you the best, especially if you are looking forward to any new beginnings or anticipating progress on your efforts. Surely color science can help a little, but most importantly, it’s our actions that count! Keep fighting for your dreams.

Go put on your green, be glamorous, be gorgeous. Go out and do great things. Go get it!

My hair style make me feel like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. (“How dare you”, she says.) What do you think?!

Leave some comments below, I’d like to hear from you!


Suzie Cher

Photos by DramaKing Photography

I’m Wearing

Top – Siam Square (Bangkok)
Sunglasses – Céline
Earrings – Shanghai Tang
Lipgloss – NARS

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