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Choker Top and Fringed Poncho

February 28, 2017
It was the moment when the wind blew that my hair and fringes on my poncho drifted together harmoniously. I simply love the ensemble of the moment.

“It was the moment when the wind blew that my hair and fringes on my poncho drifted together harmoniously. I simply love the ensemble of the moment.”

Ok, let’s do a reality check here. I’m from a tropical country – Thailand. It’s always estimably 30ºC, all year long. I go out in the winter completely layered, like onions. I hustle when I walk outside because I can’t wait to be inside somewhere warm and still keep my coats on, for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes, I don’t take my coats off at all!

Despite my sensitivity to the cold, it was a really beautiful day with blue sky in the Beaujolais, with the special visit of the snow—lots of it! Therefore, we had to go outside to enjoy it, played snow balls fights, and of course, take some pictures! The average temperature on this day ranged from -1ºC to -5ºC. Our iPhones shut down multiple times while we were outside. Yes, so freezing cold even our most loyal digital companions ditched us (“How dare you brought us out in this numbing cold and expect us to finely function?! Bye bye!”).

We visited a tiny little village called Oingt. (What a cute-sounding name. It is pronounced “oo-wa-ng“). It is officially listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. I visited Oingt a few years ago in the summer of 2014, and I was so enthralled by its natural, French-kissed beauty. Although there are more to see in the summer, Oingt’s winter also has its own charm. Like Châtillon (see my previous post!), Oingt also belongs to the “Country of the Golden Stone”, where all in sight is the golden-colored architecture.

#ootd baby!


Admiring the contrast of the bright blue sky and golden building. How nice it was to feel the heat of the sunshine amidst the cold.

In all honesty, I would be so bored looking at myself if I buttoned up my jacket. I assume that if I’m not entertained, I cannot entertain you either. So, I have to respect my inner layers and show them to the camera. 😉 In the end, I was so thrilled that I just forgot about the cold!

For this occasion, I put on my favorite pair of Levi’s jeans and the choker knitted top from H&M. To keep warm, I paired them with the H&M black faux fur collar jacket and the teal poncho that I bought from my friend Carolina’s sample sales. I matched my blacks with the suede booties from Burberry. For the accessories, I wanted to incorporate a touch of warm colors to keep the whole outfit fresh and fun. I chose my Burberry Little Crush bag and the leather gloves from H&M. These shades of maroon, red, violet, and brown are just the vibes I was looking for.

Last touch, the lipstick! I am a huge fan of bright and bold lipsticks. My instinct backed by some color theories tell me that my M.A.C. Men Love Mystery lavender violet lipstick will complement my teal green poncho – nice and pop. 

I am a fan of shoes with pointy tips and criss-cross straps!


I also wore another layer of cranberry-colored wool jacket inside for the entire time. Told you, I’m a tropical country girl!
We decided to go up higher in the hills to get a bird’s eye view. The sun beam made me smiled all of a sudden, as we witnessed the sunset. It was such a heart-warming moment.
The shades of blue appeared in a matter of seconds after the sunset. Nature occurrences does not wait.
Enjoying the view from the top.

One last shot before the daylight faded.

The temperature is ice cold, but I’m never too cool to smile. 😉

I’m Wearing

Top – H&M
Fur Collar Jacket – H&M
Poncho – My friend Carolina’s sample sales
Jeans – Levi’s
Bag – Burberry Little Crush crossbody bag
Booties – Burberry
Gloves – H&M
Lipstick – M.A.C. Men Love Mystery


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Burberry ‘Small Bingley’ Leather Bucket Bag – Black
Manolo Blahnik Suede Pointed-Toe Booties
Diesel fringed scarf
COACH Coach Iconic Leather Glove
Gucci Belted Shearling Jacket
MAC Matte Lipstick


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