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My Valentine

By on February 14, 2018

We are getting married!

I have been keeping quiet about this for a while. I especially saved the announcement for Valentine’s Day. Of course, we are both very excited. Our 5th year is the new beginning…

He has made me so happy through all these years, and the time has come for us. I never thought I’d be marrying this early! I am one of the first ones among my friends of the same age. I always think that I can think about this subject some day, when I’ll be over 30 years old. Sometimes I wonder why people get married at all…

Although the actual marriage had yet manifested, I have felt like I was already married to him for years. Ladies and gentlemen who wish to be married, I think this is the secret uncovered. The key to be or have anything is to already think that you have it, and it can only be on its way to YOU


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