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How to Slay the Flared Ruffle Trousers

By on March 30, 2017

“You will look cooler with every step you take.”

When I go shopping, I usually get caught up exploring the more unique pieces. Distinct cuts, colors, textures, or patterns always lured me in, and I had no choice but to attend to the details.

This pair of wide-legged trousers really stood out from its peers at Zara. I already have a few pairs of basic black pants, so I believe this one will add more excitement to my wardrobe. The flared pants tend to have that retro vibe and give us a flash back to the 1970s when they were most en vogue. Little do most of us know that they were worn by sailors during the late 1800s. Did you just learn something new today? 😉


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Go-Getters and Glamorous People Wear Green

By on March 22, 2017

“Wearing this outfit makes me feel undeniably powerful and glamorous.”

It is the beginning of Spring and St. Patrick’s Day had just passed. This season especially reminds me of new beginning, growth, and simply going forward. I feel that the color green best represents the mood!

So many thoughts come to my mind when I think of the color green. Abundance, hot climate, the jungle, the Amazon, the dollar bills, just to name a few…

Most strikingly, green is the only color of the traffic lights that we all love, because it means “GO!”. Besides, we often see green checkmarks when something is validated, confirmed—something that signals our mind to interpret messages like “successful transactions”, or “we are correct!” Just the phrases that go-getters adore.

To sum up, green radiates approval, growth, and success. I am channeling these vibes through my look today.


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